Mighty Selfie Stick
Mighty Selfie Stick
Mighty Selfie Stick
Mighty Selfie Stick
Mighty Selfie Stick

Mighty Selfie Stick

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This 10ft selfie stick is also a practical and professional grade video & photo tool.

Comes with a steel tripod and Bluetooth remote device - has interchangeable mounts for GoPro, Mobile and digital cameras and sets up in seconds.

The Mighty Selfie Stick is Great for;  

  • Group photos
  • Weddings
  • Aerial shots "dronelike footage"
  • Real-estate agents
  • Parties
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Outdoors & travel photography
  • Youtubers & Instagram influencers

The super strong phone mount can hold a phone up to 4.25" and is removable with a head that is GoPro compatible with any GoPro accessories. Also comes with a ¼ inch universal camera mount to hold compact cameras as well.

Getting a unique shot in today's media marketplace will give your videos and photos an advantage for attention. The Mighty selfie stick makes it easy to get great video.


  • Compact size 26 inches (66 cm) extends to 10 feet (305 cm)
  • Secure & strong spring action phone mount
  • Bluetooth enabled remote with ring holder clips to stick
  • Tripod base has a strong and stable 20 inch (50.8 cm) diameter
  • TSA approved
  • Quick-tighten & release interlocking extensions (23 inches each)
  • GoPro compatible mount

Easy to carry and lightweight the Mighty Selfies Stick collapses to 23" long and and comes with a strap attached to its base. The steel tripod mount screws into the base has a wide 20” diameter footprint to hold the stick firmly and securely to avoid falling over like many other tripod enable selfie sticks on the market.  

The Bluetooth remote comes with a mount that can be worn as a ring or snaps to the pole itself but is also removable and can be easily carried as a flat button or attached to the selfie stick as you need.